I don’t like going to the doctor; the wait is always long and all the rooms smell like alcohol swabs. When my ear start hurting a couple months ago, I decided to ignore it. Like most problems, the pain didn’t go away just because I pretended I didn’t feel it. One day, I took my car for an oil change. While waiting, I started to feel lightheaded. I felt as though I was underwater. All the sounds from the shop were muffled. When the man came to give me the keys, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was like he was whispering; I just kept saying ‘What? Speak up!’ He gave me this weird look and asked ‘Are you deaf, ma’am?’ It was in that moment I decided to go to the doctor. The answer to my problem was ear wax removal Stockport. A quick and painless cleaning of the wax buildup within my ear stopped the pain instantly.