I never thought that a closed circuit television security system would be able to make a difference in my home, security or peace of mind, but such was indeed the case. My husband purchased a Bolton CCTV system and rigged it up one Saturday afternoon, telling me that it would be a terrific way to monitor the exterior of our home in the event of criminal activity, trespassers, or even determining the identity of the mysterious person whose dog kept leaving droppings at the base of our driveway. I did not truly take him seriously at first, but a few weeks after he installed the cameras, I heard a woman screaming for help outside our home, and when I looked outside, I saw her boyfriend chasing her with a knife right underneath one of our driveway cams! I quickly phoned the police and they came out quickly and placed the man into custody, and his wife was unharmed. Closed circuit television has been a fine addition to our home and neighborhood!