Our wedding violinist was the person that saved the day at our wedding. My wedding was supposed to be meticulously planned and perfect, but that happened to not be the case. We planned an outdoor wedding, and even though we ordered tents, it was not exactly what I wanted. We had a person scheduled to come in and play the harp and also a violinist. Our harpist ended up getting sick, so all we had was a violinist. She was amazing!

Not only were her skills as a violinist out of this world, but she was able to keep the crowd entertained with her personality and her wit as well. Even though my husband and I thought we only had hired a violinist, in reality we ended up hiring a full-fledged entertainer. Our violinist was only supposed to stay there for the first two hours of our wedding and reception, but she ended up entertaining and staying there all night. I has so happy that we had such an awesome violinist, because she really made what would have been a sad wedding into one that was amazing.